Ok, so we’re all completely glued to our televisions these days watching the Olympics, right?  Who’s going gold?  Who’s breaking world records, and how much do we love Colorado’s own Missy Franklin?  You may not know this, but Pilates is a common thread for team USA, getting worldwide recognition last week during the women’s diving competition.  So which Olympic athletes give Pilates a gold medal?  Olympic swimmers and gold medalists Missy Franklin and Dana Vollmer, divers and bronze medalists David Boudia and Nick McCrory, Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, sprinter and gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, and the undefeated women’s beach volleyball team Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor.

Why is Pilates so beneficial to these Olympians?  Diver Nick McCrory stated, “I really enjoy Pilates because aside from just the strength that you build, it really teaches body awareness and coordination, which is essential to diving.”  Body awareness is one of the main goals of Pilates training at Firehaus Pilates.  Many of our clients come to see us very aware of how tight their neck and shoulders are, or how much their low back hurts.  But what do they do about it?  Education is the starting point.  We always teach our clients not only the exercise, but the anatomy involved in the movement.  How can you get results if you don’t know why you’re doing an exercise?  When we talk about “body awareness,” we want you to not only recognize the symptom, but what possible muscle imbalances are contributing and what needs to be done to balance it out or decrease your symptom or pain.  Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh (Women’s Beach Volleyball) says, “Pilates gives you such great body awareness. When I got pregnant, I really got into Pilates because I wanted to fix all my asymmetries and deficiencies and go from there.  I have a new body because of it.”

So what if you’re not a gold medalist?  Can you do Pilates?  Absolutely!  Whether you’re an Olympic athlete, a casual skier, a mom on the go, or dealing with chronic pain.  We all have issues with our bodies and most of them stem from muscle imbalance from an injury or simply the daily stresses of life.  Pilates allows you to become more aware of your body and teaches you to learn balance both mentally and physically!  Start training for your own personal gold medal today!

-Written by Rachel Algra, Certified Pilates Instructor/Owner Firehaus Pilates

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