How Pilates Can Help Trauma Survivors

Trauma can come in many forms and be a result of many different types of situations. Events that can cause the nervous system to be overwhelmed include a natural disaster, serious illness, a life-threatening event, car accidents, assault, and much more. Trauma can affect anyone, any age, and at any stage of life.

Pilates can be a unique way to help recover from a traumatic experience. If you, or someone you care about, are suffering from a traumatic event, consider the advantages Pilates offers in helping to heal.

Pilates Increases Body Awareness

It is empowering to be reminded how our body works, how strong it can become, and how resilient it can be. Pilates exercise helps to increase this awareness as muscle groups are discovered and isolated in exercise. Pilates aids in building core strength from within that, in turn, enables even more powerful and controlled movement.

Through Pilates, you will no longer take the body’s capabilities for granted as you build endurance and enjoy the feeling of moving and stretching your body.

Learn to Increase Control & Mindfulness at the Same Time

Pilates involves a focus on isometric exercise where you contract, or tense, muscle but do not move the muscle. A powerful way to build strength, Pilates helps to increase control and mindfulness with every exercise. Also, focus is regained as clients practice controlled and mindful breathing with every move.

The increased control that can be gained through Pilates helps to not only ensure proper movement but can aid in calming anxiety. A better connection between your mind, your body, and your breath contributes to regulating and calming the nervous system.

Challenge Yourself with More Strength & Stability

While Pilates offers mind-body benefits, it will also challenge your body as you work through exercise. A stronger core and back result from training focused on deep abdominal muscle groups near the spine. The strength gained starts from the core but soon transitions to building long, lean muscle and improved flexibility throughout the body.

Stronger, more stabilized muscles can increase confidence and, in turn, self-worth. Pilates offers this benefit for all individuals.

Relax Knowing You’re in a Safe Environment

Firehaus Pilates strives to be a safe and psychologically comforting environment for clients. Only quality equipment and trained instruction are offered for participants, which helps everyone relax and take the time to focus on exercise to improve wellbeing.

The Firehaus Pilates studio is open with lots of natural light. Classes are kept smaller in size so clients get a more personal feel as well as a more individualized session. This thoughtful approach provides reassurance for clients so that they can focus on themselves and their Pilates experience.

Traumatic events can take time to overcome or put in perspective. Firehaus Pilates offers instruction that aids in improving whole body integration for clients’ mind and body. This approach allows participants to reclaim themselves in the face of difficult or challenging situations. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about Firehaus Pilates.

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