Everyday Extraordinaire Podcast Featuring Firehaus Pilates Owner Rachel Algra

Not long ago, Firehaus Pilates founder, owner, and master instructor, Rachel Algra, was interviewed on Andi Fairbank’s Everyday Extraordinaries Podcast. The podcast focuses on extraordinary people who really didn’t plan on being extraordinary! Interviews highlight everyday people who followed theirs heart, ideas, and passions to create amazing results.

The inaugural podcast in the Everyday Extraordinaires series gives Rachel the opportunity to talk about her personal challenges, the path she thought her life would take, the events that changed the course of that path, and the work she put in to make her life what it is today.

Take the time to listen to this inspirational story of how Rachel was challenged with chronic pain from congenital Thoracic outlet syndrome and, following discouraging advice, took responsibility for her life, embraced Pilates rehabilitation, and started her awarding-winning Firehaus Pilates studio in Denver!
Whether you are looking for rehabilitation, flexibility, improved body strength or athletic performance, contact Firehaus Pilates to learn about what Pilates can do for you!

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