Eight Things Men Can Expect Walking into a Pilates Studio for the First Time

Although Pilates has been around for more than 50 years, there are still misconceptions about what it is, what it’s not, and what it can do. One of the biggest areas of confusion and misunderstanding is that Pilates isn’t designed for men, which is surprising given it was created by a man, for men! Let’s have a look at what men can expect when they walk into a Pilates studio for the first time.

1.     Pilates is Not a “Stretch” Class

Many men (people, in fact) believe Pilates is more like a stretch or yoga class. While Pilates offers the opportunity to move your muscles in new ways, the approach is much more rigorous and demanding. Stretch and yoga classes tend to rely on only mat work whereas Pilates offers mat work, resistance, and equipment work.

2.     Other Men ARE in the Pilates Studio

While people believe a Pilates studio will be full only of women, many men take part in Pilates! As a new member of a Pilates studio you can expect to see other men, and male instructors, participating in Pilates workouts and classes. Everyone is welcome!

3.     Pilates Can Be Frustrating … At First

Pilates takes a new effort of control, focus, and breathing to be successful. While you can often “force” your way through a normal weight or gym workout, Pilates targets specific muscles groups through more controlled movement. While the first workout may be frustrating, clients tend to get an “aha” moment after that, which empowers them to really feel the workout and make the most of the exercise!

4.     Pilates is a Workout Unlike Any Other

Men may be surprised just how hard a Pilates workout can be! Expect a feeling of great satisfaction as you incorporate both strength training and awareness during a Pilates workout. Sessions can be both physically and mentally tiring, but the results will most certainly be amazing.

5.     Take Pilates Out of the Studio and into Your Gym Workout

As you learn the basic Pilates routine, you will become more aware of your body, how you move, the muscles to (and not to) engage, and how your breath can help with repetitions. All of these skills can improve normal gym or weight workouts. In fact, these skills can enhance your life!

6.     Pilates Will Improve Your Sport

Whether you’re a skier, golfer, soccer player, runner or any other kind of athlete, Pilates can improve your sport! From a stronger core, greater flexibility, improved stability, and corrected alignment you will find that you’re stronger and more aware how to use your body in your sporting activities. Pilates will also help protect you from injury during sports.

7.     Understand Which Muscles Are Strong – and Which Need Some Work

You may feel like you have a good understanding of the power your body currently has to offer. With Pilates, you may be surprised to learn areas of good strength you have along with other areas that are much weaker than expected. Pilates focuses holistically and trains all muscles in the body to give you improved strength all over!

8.     Get a 6-pack Without the Crunches

One of the most noticeable signs of Pilates improvement is the development of strong and defined abdominal muscles. With Pilates, you can forget the crunches as you transform your abs with exercises that build lean muscle mass and tone your muscles. Pilates focuses on a strong core through a wide range of exercise that also improves your posture to make you look taller, slimmer, and stronger!

If you’re interested in trying out Pilates, contact us! Firehaus Pilates offers a range of workouts and instruction to make you look and feel great while ensuring you never feel out of place!

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