Why Certification is Critical for a Rehab Pilates Instructor

Competent, certified instruction is critical to ensure you get the best, safest, and most effective rehab program. With foundational to advanced education levels, certification for rehab Pilates is a comprehensive and professional qualification program that gives instructors the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to guide rehabilitation care.

Structural Understanding

Pilates for therapeutic rehabilitation is built upon an understanding of the actual anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Rehab Pilates certification requires an anatomy prerequisite that helps instructors understand not only the condition or injury but also the supporting structural system.

Understanding the anatomical systems helps instructors effectively apply the necessary Pilates modalities for maximum benefit.

Whole Body Knowledge

Pilates certification emphasizes a holistic view of both the direct area of injury and all compensating areas of the body. Building upon an understanding of human anatomy, this integrated view aids certified instructors to develop effective rehab programs.

Knowing how the injury or recovering areas may be influencing the body allows certified instructors to develop integrative programs that stabilize and facilitate movement while minimizing discomfort.

Continuing Education

Ab Separation - Diastasis Recti RehabProfessional certified Pilates instructors embrace continuing education to formalize their practice and enhance their proficiency. Polestar Pilates requires ongoing continuing education requirements to maintain certification and gain mastery of the needed rehabilitation skills. Skilled certified rehab Pilates instructors use ongoing education to:

  1. Expand tools for rehab,
  2. Stay informed of advances in research,
  3. and learn ways to further improve treatment plan outcomes.

If you are looking to incorporate Pilates into your rehabilitation program, be sure to determine whether or not your instructor is certified. Firehaus Pilates offers a strong, experienced team of certified rehab Pilates instructors who are available to help! Contact us for more information.

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