Change It Up: Why You Should Revolve Between Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, and Other Pilates Classes

While Pilates offers tremendous, overall benefits for your body and health, sometimes change can bring about a whole new set of benefits! If you’re considering mixing up your Pilates routine, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Mat Pilates: Using a mat and props to help with body alignment and position, mat Pilates is a straightforward, convenient form of Pilates exercise. Mat Pilates is often led by a trained instructor and uses the body’s own weight as a form of resistance in targeted muscle workouts. Following a general set of Pilates exercises, mat Pilates provides physical fitness for a wide spectrum of body types and fitness goals.

Reformer Pilates: Using the unique Pilates Reformer exercise routine, this form of Pilates is most often undertaken in the Pilates studio environment under trained instruction. Reformer Pilates offers a much broader array of exercises and is available to almost every person and fitness level. This Pilates regime can accommodate many different fitness goals, including rehabilitation, using the versatile Reformer exercise machine.

Pilates Classes: Using both mat and Reformer, there is a wide range of Pilates classes available. Studio-led classes can be targeted depending on fitness level, workout type, or targeted fitness benefit. FIrehaus Pilates offers a full array of classes from restorative Pilates to Women’s Health to Pilates Bootcamp.

While sticking to the same Pilates routine is convenient and provides a level of familiarity, try mixing up your Pilates workouts from time to time! You’ll soon realize the benefits of changing up your Pilates routine.


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