What to Expect When You First Start Pilates

You’ve done your research, found a great studio (helloo, Firehaus Pilates 😉 ), and you’re gearing up for your first Pilates session. Good for you! Here at Firehaus Pilates, our expert instructors work hard to make sure clients feel comfortable and prepared for what to expect when starting Pilates. We want to share this with you!

Think About Goals: What Do You Want Out of Pilates

As with anything new, it’s a great idea to understand why you’re doing it! Before you visit the studio, think about what you’d like to get out of Pilates. Is it all physical fitness? Is there some rehabilitation you need? Are you stressed and fed up with other aspects of life? Are you looking for a new challenge? Take some time to think about or jot down goals you might have and talk to your instructor, especially if you’ve booked personalized training.

What to Wear to Pilates Classes

Pilates is about movement. Plan on wearing clothes that allow you to move and stretch! Clothes that are too baggy can get in the way of your movement. Consider leggings, stretchy materials, and comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing accessories, jewelry or belts, which can impede your progress or get caught during a Pilates position. Likewise, consider tying your hair back. While the Firehaus Pilates studio is always comfortable and a cool temperature, before you know it, you’ll be warmed up from the workout!

Ease In & Breathe

While Pilates is an excellent way to exercise and build fitness, there can be a lot to learn! Plan to ease yourself into the workout and be open to doing new things. You’ll be working out both your body and mind, plus honing this connection, and it can take time for it to click into place. Remember: breathe!

As Always, Hydrate!

Any exercise can dehydrate you. In Colorado, it’s especially risky because we often don’t even feel like we’re sweating! Although it’s arid here, be sure to keep your hydration up and take regular sips of water during Pilates. Bring a water bottle or use the studio’s water fountain but sip away before, during, and after class.

No Need to Compare

Whether you’ve signed up for a Pilates class, a Reformer class or are just starting individual instruction, don’t worry about what other people are doing! At Firehaus Pilates, we cater to every type of fitness level. We have clients who attend regularly and undertake advanced Pilates exercises right next to beginners who are just getting started. You’ve made the right first step to get moving with Pilates, and that’s what matters most!

Abs at Attention

For every type of Pilates exercise program, be aware that your abdominal muscles will always be involved – and this is a good thing! Your abs, or core, are a critical part of your overall physical fitness, posture, and balance. Pilates uses, strengthens, and trains these core muscles to provide you the best stability and strength so you can move safely and with purpose. Pay attention to your abs and keep them engaged throughout your Pilates lesson. Remember: navel to spine!

Listen to Your Body

As with any new exercise program, it’s essential that you listen to your body. While you will see renewed strength and flexibility over time, and a qualified Pilates instructor will lead you through the right exercises for your body and fitness levels, your body knows its limits. Never push yourself too much before you’re ready! Pilates is made for every level of physical fitness and will guide you to an improved state of health!

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