Pilates Gifts: The Best Fitness Gifts This Holiday Season

Not sure what to buy your Pilates-loving friend this year? Looking for great Pilates gift giving ideas? Or maybe you’re looking for a treat to get yourself? We’ve got you covered! This holiday season there are many gift ideas for any Pilates enthusiast!

Gift of Pilates

You can never have too much Pilates! The best gift you can give a Pilates fan is access to more Pilates sessions. If your Pilates person is new to the exercise, why not provide them with an introduction to Pilates package? Have a Pilates buff who has been doing this kind of activity for a while? Consider a pre-paid set of equipment classes or a set of personalized, one-on-one training sessions. At Firehaus Pilates, we offer a range of pre-paid Pilates packages that would make the perfect gift this holiday!

Pilates Mat

While most Pilates studios provide mats, many people prefer to bring their own or have a mat for exercising at home. A great gift for a Pilates lover, choose a high-quality mat that is at least ¼” thick to ½” thick and is made from anti-tear material. There are many great, vibrant colors to choose from and why not add a mat strap for easy carrying?

Mat Cleaner

Yep, for every great Pilates mat, you need a good mat cleaner! Pilates can be hard work and keeping the mat clean is a healthy option that will ensure the Pilates mat lasts a long time. Mat cleaners should come in a convenient, small size, so it’s easily transported to and from the studio. Most mat cleaners are a pump spray and include antibacterial and antifungal properties to clean up that workout sweat!

Pilates Apparel

Where to begin?! Pilates workouts require comfortable clothing that isn’t too baggy but also offers a good range of motion to move and stretch. Consider buying elasticized material, such includes Lycra®, whether you choose fitted leggings or looser, wide-bottom pants. Tops can be fitted tank tops, roomier tunics or even a unique t-shirt! Simplicity is key so avoid zippers and strings that can get in the way of a workout or interfere with a Pilates Reformer exercise machine. So many great colors and styles for men and women – have fun while finding the best workout gear!

Flip Flops

No matter the time of year, it feels great to leave a Pilates workout in comfortable flip flop shoes! Treat your Pilates-loving friends to comfortable flip flop sandals or consider light-weight sandals made out of soft t-shirt like strap material. Choose a style that fits your gift recipient’s personality and will make them feel on top of the world as they stride out of the studio!

Pilates Props, Blocks, and Balls

Every Pilates lover needs specific props and accessories to use at home or on the go. By using a block, strap or flex ring, props can help ease into a new Pilates position or add a challenge to an exercise. Firehaus Pilates has a wide range of props on sale during the December holiday sale! Stop by and check out what’s available!

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