Dream Big in 2018: Become a Certified Pilates Instructor with Polestar & Firehaus Pilates

Maybe you’ve been a Pilates fan for years, or a yoga teacher looking for a new challenge, or perhaps you’re looking for a new career. No matter what got you to this point in your life, it’s time to dream big and seriously consider becoming a Certified Polestar Pilates Instructor with Firehaus Pilates!

How is Polestar Pilates Different?

Pilates is an approach to exercise that engages the mind and body in promoting whole body health. Devised by Joseph Pilates and brought to America in the early 1920s, Pilates exercise focuses on breath, centering the mind, concentration, precision, and control.

Polestar is a worldwide authority in Pilates education with a particular focus on overall wellness and healing through mind-body-spirit connectivity. Founded 25 years ago, Polestar Pilates embraces the Pilates techniques and aims to influence world health by enabling whole body fitness, uniform muscle development, and body-mind mastery.

Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation

One unique aspect about Polestar Pilates is its science and evidence-based curriculum, which enables instructors to help people restore, achieve or excel in physical movement. The approach is ideal for rehabilitation and can help individuals realize relief from muscle pain, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, and a range of chronic illnesses.

The Polestar Pilates rehab approach can help prepare people for surgery, treat post-operative conditions, and restore healthy movement patterns. Education is a big part of the Polestar Pilates way, and this knowledge is shared with clients to empower them to both understand and overcome physical challenges.

Pilates Method Alliance

Polestar is an international community of highly-trained professionals. With representation in more than 50 countries, Polestar Pilates makes education and excellence the flagship of its identity.

Polestar Pilates supports the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), a professional association for Pilates teachers. Part of the PMA initiative since its inception, Polestar Pilates is backed by the PMA certification, which reflects the rigor and professionalism of instructor training.

Polestar Pilates Certification

Certification as a Polestar Pilates instructor is driven by a college-level curriculum that is based on scientific foundations of physiology, anatomy, motor control and biomechanics. Education integrates the scientific research findings for use in the exercise, orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and movement science.

Following participation in 25 hours of group or private Pilates classes, students can pursue the Polestar Pilates certification. Certification classes begin with Polestar Principles, which help students deepen their knowledge in current evidence-based research, understand Polestar Pilates movement, and actively demonstrate ability through execution and teaching. From this base work, students move onto comprehensive Pilates training for studio work and rehabilitation.

Polestar Pilates and Firehaus Pilates

Firehaus Pilates is proud to be a host site for Polestar Pilates education! Firehaus Pilates offers basic instruction, continuing education, on-site training, practical coursework, and is authorized to provide all the necessary required course hours and pre-exam checkoffs to prepare students for their final Polestar Pilates Practitioner exam.

The Firehaus Pilates instructor team are experts in all areas of Polestar Pilates. Led by Polestar Educator Misty Wooden and mentored by Firehaus Pilates owner, Rachel Algra, courses will teach students the practical skills of Pilates, specifics of Polestar Principles of Movement, assessment techniques, movement sequencing, and applications of Polestar Pilates for healthcare professionals.

Is 2018 your year to become a Certified Polestar Pilates instructor? Firehaus Pilates is now taking applications for the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive training, and we bet you are an ideal candidate to make this year the year you dream big!

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