Here’s How to Stay Active During Winter Without Doing Winter Sports … Just Do Pilates!

Fed up with the cold? Just not feeling up to trying to get exercise in the snow? We get it! To stay active and warm this winter season, come to Firehaus Pilates! We understand that winter can put the freeze on many activities so we offer a wide range of unique classes to heat up your exercise routine.

Cardio Jumpboard

Whether you’re new to Pilates or are well experienced with Pilates exercise, you’re going to love Cardio Jumpboard! Using an attachment with the Pilates Reformer exercise machine, expect to get your heart rate going and to work up a sweat.

Cardio Jumpboard is a great cardio workout but is low impact on your joints. Classes consist of strength-based exercise, lots of core strength training, and cardio intervals to tone and tighten the abs. Your spine stays in optimal alignment as you use resistance to increase fitness while burning calories – the perfect workout combination!

Firewall Suspension

Ready for a workout like nothing else you’ve experienced? Try the Firewall with Bodhi Suspension! Firehaus Pilates is excited to be the only Denver and Colorado location that offers the unique Bodhi Suspension System. Unlike TRX Suspension training, this advanced strength-building class is a four-point suspension system that uses both your hands and feet to focus on balance and defining muscles from head to toe! Not for the faint-of-heart, the Firewall Suspension will push you harder than ever!

Pilates Bootcamp

This class does not slow down! Expect a high energy hour of challenging Pilates exercise using a variety of equipment. You’ll condition your entire body, burn calories, improve your cardio, and have a great time. There’s additional focus on balance and core control to avoid injury and reduce joint pain. Designed for those experienced in Pilates, expect improved posture, alignment, and body awareness!

These are only some of the many winter Pilates workout classes offered at Firehaus Pilates. Check out our Pilates class schedule or book personal Pilates training with one of our expert instructors! Don’t settle for a mundane treadmill or boring stair climber workout, come to Firehaus Pilates and get yourself some Pilates fun!

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