Why You Should Use Kinesiology Tape for Pilates

Pilates for rehabilitation focuses on helping improve function and reduce pain by isolating and strengthening affected muscle groups, tendons, soft tissue, and joints. In addition to targeted and guided exercise, rehabilitative taping can be used to help the natural healing … Continue reading

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Denver

Are you looking to become a comprehensively trained Pilates Teacher recognized around the world? Sign up today for the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training in Denver this spring. This course is ideal for Pilates practitioners, physical therapists, fitness enthusiasts and other … Continue reading

Studio to the Office: What Are You Wearing and Why?

You know the look, you’re probably wearing it right now: leggings, sports bra, breathable tee and quilted vest? What has been uniform to the Pilates gal and more over, the Colorado woman, is becoming more popular nationwide. So what do we … Continue reading