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Pilates for Fitness

“In ten sessions, you’ll feel the difference, in twenty you’ll see the difference, and in thirty you’ll have a new body.” —Joseph H. Pilates

Firehaus Pilates Studio in DenverPilates is different than traditional strength training. Joseph Pilates built his method of exercise around six principles that incorporate core strengthening and control rather than weight and repetitions that can damage tissues and result in injury. First introduced in the early 1900s to help dancers heal and recover, Pilates programs have continued to develop modern interpretations to help all body types gain whole body wellness.

Improve Your Daily Fitness Routine with Pilates

Regular Pilates exercise classes builds a strong core, increased strength, and improved flexibility and stability. Because it concentrates on individual movements, proper breathing, and personalized modifications, Pilates often results in dramatic improvement in overall conditioning for both men and women, decrease in aches and pains, and improved flexibility and control of movement. It is often incorporated into athletes’ training and used for therapy for ongoing pain or weakness associated with injury or aging. Many regular Pilates clients swear that it improves posture, stability, sense of awareness, and control over body movements – allowing a more active and engaged lifestyle while avoiding risk of injury.

Pilates Exercise Classes

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Pilates and Weight Loss

Pilates is especially popular for weight loss programs as it focuses on major muscle groups and slow intentional movements. Many people successfully lose weight with Pilates reformer classes because they become more aware of their bodies and are able to individualize movements for optimal strengthening, attention to form, awareness of posture, and alignment. Pilates combines cardiovascular and strength building, allowing the body to burn more calories while building long, lean muscles with reduced risk of injuries. Many clients comment that the friendly, noncompetitive nature of Pilates attracts them to regularly exercise without having to face intimidating, impersonal health clubs.

Pilates and Running

Running is a high impact activity that can put great stress on the lower back and joints. Any imbalance in the muscular usage of the legs and hips can cause pain and injury to a runner, mainly to the knees and hips. Reformer Pilates exercises balance out strain from running, by strengthening specific parts of the body, leading to improved stride and pace.

Pilates and Golf

Proper mechanics and swing plane require strength, flexibility, and a strong core, all of which can be attained with Pilates. Golf-specific Pilates exercises give golfers the edge they desire and will result in more yards with lower handicaps.

Pilates and Winter Sports

By better conditioning stomach, hip, and leg muscles, winter sports lovers can improve flexibility and balance, helping to prevent injury and improve performance. Skiers, boarders, snowshoers, and skaters comment that enhanced power and additional stability allow them to begin the season stronger, and with regular Pilates classes are able to keep in shape year-round.

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