Pilates Instructors

Firehaus Pilates Instructors

Rachel Algra:
Polestar© Pilates Practitioner/ Owner

Rachel was first introduced to Pilates after experiencing years of chronic pain and undergoing multiple surgeries. The combination of Pilates and physical therapy helped her regain a normal lifestyle. She is now passionate about teaching Pilates as a certified Pilates instructor, not only in the rehabilitation industry, but to those in every walk of life! Rachel opened her practice in 2010 and is very excited to see Firehaus Pilates expanding to the Lo-Hi Denver neighborhood.

Originally from Minnesota, Rachel made Colorado her home in 2005, and currently resides in Westminster with her husband Kris and their two crazy cats! Rachel enjoys hiking, cooking and playing the piano.

Email: rachel@firehauspilates.com

Vanessa Ursini:
Polestar© Pilates Practitioner

Vanessa was first introduced to Pilates in her final years of college, taken as just an elective she quickly realized her passion for the intense and effective workout. After being a client of Firehaus Pilates for close to a year she decided it was obvious she needed to start her Polestar Pilates Certification. Vanessa graduated from Metropolitan State College with a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

Email: vanessa@firehauspilates.com

Sara Sirotkin:
Power Pilates Certified Instructor


Sara is comprehensively trained through Power Pilates, and certified in Beyond Barre Level 1.  In April 2016 she entered into the Polestar comprehensive training program, and is looking forward to adding contemporary and rehabilitative styles of Pilates, to her classically trained Pilates roots.  She was first exposed to Pilates in 2004 when she came across a Mari Windsor mat class DVD, which became part of her daily routine for many years.  It wasn’t until 2009, while completing her MBA in Athens, GA, that she took her first Pilates equipment class, and experienced the physical and psychological benefits of the modality.

Outside of the studio, Sara works as an accountant for a natural food broker, and is passionate about ethical and plant based eating.  She enjoys long mountain bike rides and outdoor activities with her four dogs (two Weimaraners and two Chihuahuas).

Email: sara@firehauspilates.com

Emily Sharpe:
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

Balanced Body® Pilates Practitioner

Emily is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor, comprehensively trained through Balanced Body and trained in Balanced Body MOTR. She first experienced the power of Pilates over eight years ago when looking for a form of movement that would help with chronic pain in her left knee from years of dance and softball. Emily is a passionate teacher who is committed to helping clients have a positive movement experience and feel confident in their bodies.

When not in the studio, Emily and her husband are avid hikers, having climbed 22 of Colorado’s 14ers and hoping to tackle all 54! She also enjoys practicing yoga, going on camping and backpacking adventures and attending concerts at Red Rocks.

Email: emily@firehauspilates.com

Jessica Valant, MSPT, PMA-CPT
PMA Certified Pilates Instructor

Polestar® Pilates Practitioner

Jessica received her physical therapy degree from Regis University in 2000 and has been a licensed PT since then. She was introduced to Pilates in her professional life and quickly saw the amazing rehabilitation results that occur when combining Pilates principals with physical therapy treatment. She received her comprehensive Pilates training through Polestar in 2002 and became a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher in 2009. Jessica believes all people deserve to experience freedom of movement, and she loves helping her clients feel powerful in their bodies. She has experience with many different injuries and physical conditions. After her own journey with endometriosis, IVF and pregnancy, she particularly enjoys working with women’s health issues such as pregnancy related conditions, prolapse and pelvic floor issues.

Jessica and her husband have spent the past 11 years in Hawaii and San Diego and recently returned home to Denver. They have a fun and spunky four year old daughter who keeps them busy and laughing. She enjoys the sun, moving her body every day, a great cup of coffee and spending time with her family.

Email: jessica@firehauspilates.com

Kristi Lundahl:
Polestar© Pilates Practitioner

Kristi was introduced to Pilates over 8 years ago and has since made the practice a constant part of her life.  She has a background in gymnastics, diving, and collegiate cheerleading, allowing her to experience many different forms of exercise.  What she really loves about Pilates is that you can take the movement benefits with you throughout the rest of your day and week.  Trained through Polestar Pilates Education, Kristi is very excited to help others realize the benefit of proper movement.

Kristi is a Colorado native and enjoys all the outdoor activities offered in our beautiful state including skiing, rafting, and mountain biking.  She is a commercial airline pilot by profession and loves to travel with her husband Travis.

Email: kristi@firehauspilates.com

Carla Miller:
Polestar© Pilates Trained Instructor

Carla received her B.S. in Nursing from Regis University in 2013. Having driven by Firehaus Pilates countless times on her way to school, she decided to give Pilates a try; it was love at first class! Three years later Carla completed the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive training and has been teaching at Firehaus ever since.

When not practicing Pilates, Carla enjoys exploring all Colorado has to offer with her four-legged best friend Biner Dog. When they are not adventuring together, Carla enjoys cooking, gardening and going to the theater.

Email: carla@firehauspilates.com

Kate Dixon:
Office Manager

Kate discovered her love for Pilates after having her daughter Olivia in 2012. She needed a different type of workout from the circuit training she had done in the past, to help rehabilitate her body after pregnancy. Luckily, she found Firehaus and their amazing team. She has been a believer in Pilates ever since.

Kate was working as an independent interior designer and decided it was time to put her design business on hold and make a change. Being part of this incredible team was an easy decision! When Kate is not at the studio, you will find her outdoors hiking with her family and friends, working out or spending time with her daughter and husband.

Email: info@firehauspilates.com

JoAnna Liberatore:
Office Manager

JoAnna found her love of Pilates after discovering it was something that helped heal her Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which she had been suffering from for years after a car accident. She was so inspired by how much better her body felt, and the amount of progress she made in such a short amount of time, that JoAnna decided to enroll in the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive teacher training and become a part of the Firehaus team. She hopes to help others with chronic pain and teach Pilates classes in the near future. JoAnna has also experienced the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy (baby due this fall!).

When JoAnna is not at the studio, you will find her designing homes for her family business FJ Progressive, hiking with her dogs and spending time with family.

Email: info@firehauspilates.com