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Pilates Studio

Firehaus Pilates Studio in DenverPilates studios have a number of different types of equipment pieces making workouts new and different each time. Here at Firehaus Pilates in Denver, we use state of the art equipment from Balanced Body which is ranked the best in the industry. Below are some basics to get you more familiar with the equipment used in our Pilates studio.

Pilates Reformer: The Pilates reformer is probably the most commonly used and most popular piece of equipment in a studio. It is a wooden base which has multiple springs and pulleys attached to provide resistance during an exercise. The ropes and pulleys help guide the body through a movement as well as isolate different muscles in the body, allowing for specific training to target zones. Accessories like the Jump Board can be attached to the Reformer allowing you to simulate running but with much lower impact.

Trapeze Table: The Trapeze Table is NOT a medieval torture device, though most newcomers ask that exact question! It does look intimidating, but is a wonderful tool for working upper and lower extremities in perfect alignment. The trapeze table is also a great tool for rehabilitation, giving assistance and guidance when regaining range of motion after a surgery or injury. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, high level fitness clients and athletes will benefit from the Trapeze Table with more aggressive spring tension and more challenging movements that require whole body awareness and control.

Pilates Chair: Much of Pilates is focused on stability muscles rather than the larger muscle groups. The Pilates Chair is the piece of equipment that gives you that “big muscle” workout. A great strength training tool designed to bulk up the muscles and give you great muscle definition. The Chair is also wonderful for leg alignment issues or lower body injuries, retraining muscles in a functional movement such as climbing stairs.

Ladder Barrel: The Ladder Barrel is one of the favorites for stretching out the tight back muscles. Working on flexion, extension and rotation, the barrel will allow you to increase your flexibility and also get you out of your forward posture from sitting at a desk or computer. The ladder barrel is also used to isolate the abdominals and challenge both rectus abdominus and obliques giving you an amazing core.

Pilates Mat: Pilates Mat work can be quite challenging. The goal with mat is to increase body awareness and learn to control your bodies’ movements. Strength training does not mean you have to go to the gym and lift weights. Creating a slow, controlled movement using your body weight as resistance can be very effective! Mat work uses a lot of full body integration challenging both mind and muscle.

Foam Roller: Foam rollers are very familiar to the world of runners, who use them to release tightness in the glutes, hamstrings and the ever painful IT band. But most people don’t know it’s an excellent tool for strengthening the core, improving balance and releasing just about every tight muscle in the body. We teach our clients ways to manage their pain and stress as well as show them exercises they can do outside of the Pilates studio.

Pilates Arc: The Arc is a versatile prop used to increase flexibility in the spine and ribcage, as well as strengthen the core. The arc can be used in a Pilates Mat workout or on the Pilates Reformer. In its basic setup, you can access the deep abdominals. Take the seat off and turn it over and you’ve got an amazing balance challenge great for skiers, snowboarders and surfers. The Arc, like the foam roller, is small and portable and can be used both in the Pilates studio and at home!

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