SI Joint Exercises & Pilates for Back Pain

SI Joint Exercises & Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates for Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain – We Can Help You Find ReliefPilates for Back PainJoint pain can be more than a nuisance. For some people, joint discomfort can be disabling. With lower back pain, pelvis or hip tenderness or leg instability or numbness, many people find it difficult to go about normal activities and have disrupted sleep.

At our Firehaus Pilates studio in Denver, we see many clients who suffer from mild to severe joint pain. The most common issues we see include arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative joint disorders, fibromyalgia, and joint instability. One of the most common problems we see are clients with sacroiliac (SI) joint pain/dysfunction. With Polestar Pilates rehabilitation exercises, we can use Pilates for SI joint pain and help individuals find relief.

What are the Sacroiliac Joints (SI) Joints?

The sacroiliac (SI) joints are where the sacrum (tailbone) connects to the left and right iliac bones, which are the large bones that make up the pelvis. The SI joints connect the spine to the pelvis bones with strong ligaments.

The primary job of SI joints is to support the weight of the upper body when you stand or walk and shift that load to your legs. The SI joints typically don’t have a lot of motion, but they tend to be very strong and stable.

Diagnosing sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJ dysfunction) can be difficult as the symptoms mimic other common conditions, such as a disc herniation, facet syndrome, and sciatic nerve pain. Those suffering from SIJ dysfunction commonly complain of a sharp or dull pain that radiates from the low back to the buttocks, thighs, groin or upper back.  SI joint pain is common during or after pregnancy as the muscles and ligaments around the joints become lax in preparation for childbirth. This relaxation, in turn, can make the SI joint unstable.

Targeted SI Joint Exercises

SI Joint ExercisesFirehaus Pilates instructors are trained to develop Pilates programs that can help decrease SI joint pain and improve the quality of life for sufferers.

For clients who are experiencing pain as a result of overly tight muscles in the lumbar or pelvic region, we can guide you through SI joint exercises in the studio and help you with programs you can do at home. Once these overly tight muscles are loosened and strengthened, we can then focus on balance and strength. Utilizing Pilates for SI joint pain, we can help improve the muscles and tendons around the joint to help alleviate unnecessary pulling on the joint, which can cause pain and risk injury.

If a client is suffering from SI joint pain due to instability from weak or imbalanced muscles, your Firehaus Pilates exercises will target strengthening surrounding muscles and the body’s core. SI joint exercise programs and equipment can aid in building strength in weak areas that will help to regain balance and correct instability.SI Joint ExercisesMore recently at Firehaus Pilates, we’ve started utilizing a small prop from Australia called the OOV®. While it is an odd shape, the OOV® is ergonomically designed for quick relief of acute SI joint pain. Also, we offer the use of kinesiology tape, especially in the case of pregnancy, to give the SI joint stability. Our programs can help relieve pain during pregnancy and increase strength and balance pelvic muscles postpartum. We have multiple pilates practitioners at Firehaus who are trained to implement kinesiology tape into your Pilates routine.

Whether your SI joint pain is related to instability, poor posture, pregnancy or an inflammatory condition, incorporating Pilates into your daily routine will help decrease pain and allow you to return to a more functional, active lifestyle.

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