Researching Pilates for Neurological Disorders? Why Firehaus Pilates is the Right Fit for You

Motor control is our ability to initiate and direct muscle function and movement. Gross motor control allows us to wave our arms while fine motor control creates precise movement, like handwriting. A voluntary process of
muscle movement, our brain coordinates which muscles should move and which should rest. Neurological disorders, with various causes and complications, often affect motor control.

At Firehaus Pilates, we work with clients affected by neurological disorders to help maximize their functional abilities and improve their overall quality of life. By applying a Polestar Pilates rehabilitation approach of integrated movement, we work to aid individuals to reprogram motor control through a 4-stage process.

How Pilates Increases Mobility

Denver Fitness for SeniorsPolestar Pilates aims to maximize the efficiency of movement. Our Pilates approach uses equipment and props to assist clients as they move in a controlled way. Individuals are able to regain the ability to initiate movement, no matter how small, and increase mobility.

A Hallmark of Pilates: Stability

As mobility increases, it is important to strengthen balance and attain stability. With Polestar Pilates we aid individuals in being able to hold a static position and control gravity. Our rehabilitation approach centers on strengthening the transverse abdominis, as we do with any Pilates program, which is a powerhouse muscle that helps everyone with stability and control.

Next Up: Control Mobility

Ab Separation - Diastasis Recti RehabOnce balance improves, Pilates exercise focuses on developing movement with control. With directed practice, Polestar Pilates can help clients develop the ability to manage their movement. The key is to relearn both how to achieve a certain position and how to remain stable in that position (for example, control in sitting down and control in a seated position).

Mastering Everyday Skills

As a therapy for neurological disorder rehabilitation, Polestar Pilates can help individuals use increased strength and stability to master skills in movement and motion. Through deliberate exercise, with or without specialized Pilates equipment, clients are able to apply improved motor control to normal movement and everyday positions.

The skilled and qualified trainers at Firehaus Pilates can help individuals improve the smoothness and accuracy of their motor skills and movement. For those dealing with neurological conditions, this new learning and practice can develop simple or more complicated movements.

If you, or someone you care about, is suffering from a neurological condition or is in need of rehabilitation, contact Firehaus Pilates. Individual rehabilitation programs and one-on-one exercise training are available as you work through this journey.

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