Oov: The Unique Pilates Prop That Will Revolutionize Your Core Exercises

Have you noticed the odd looking prop we’ve now got at Firehaus Pilates? Called the Oov, this device will change how you work out by supporting your body as your Pilates exercise targets specific muscle groups. Watch out core – the Oov is going to help make you stronger and more stable in no time!

Invented in Australia by Polestar Pilates instructor and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Daniel Vledeta, has created an innovative way to enhance rehabilitation and fitness. The Oov is a superior alternative to the rolled towel as a prop and helps provide instant feedback during exercise to keep your workout on target.

The Oov is made of durable foam that actually pushes back against your body as you use it. Depending on the exercise, the Oov helps to engage and isolate specific muscle groups to more effectively strengthen the body. Its unique design supports your back and neck through correct balance, while your core is working hard!

The unbalanced nature of the Oov engages the brain, too, forcing you to continually adjust your core to remain stable. The ergonomic design of this new prop keeps your spine neutral and extended while allowing for easy, diaphragm breathing. By supporting and allowing only correct movement, the Oov helps you retrain your mind and counteract poor posture habits for long-term change!

Firehaus Pilates instructors are trained to use the Oov in Pilates rehabilitation and fitness classes. A perfect complement to Polestar Pilates, the Oov integrates biomechanics and physiology for natural movement and breathing with each use. Comfortable and easy to use, clients love the difference the Oov makes! From rehab clients to fitness buffs to athletes, the Oov allows people to function better and move more confidently!

Stop by the studio or contact us to learn more about the Oov!

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