Pilates Class Descriptions

Beginner Equipment Pilates Class

New to Pilates equipment? This is the class for you. A slower paced equipment based class that will teach you how to become comfortable on Pilates equipment as well as give you a full body workout to improve strength and posture.

Beginner/Intermediate Pilates Equipment Class

Using the Reformer and Trapeze Table, this class is geared toward higher level strengthening, toning, and full body integration.

Intermediate Equipment Pilates Class

Using the Reformer and Trapeze Table, this class is geared toward higher level strengthening, toning and full body integration. Structured for those who are confident with the basics of Pilates and are looking for a challenge. Previous Pilates equipment experience required.

Pilates Jumpboard Class

Our new Pilates jump board workout is a high intensity cardio-based Pilates Reformer exercise that simulates running and jumping without the stress on the hips, knees and feet. This Pilates jumpboard class will get you into your target heart rate zone for optimal fat burn and is a great weight bearing exercise option, while remaining low impact on the joints. A great workout for hard core runners as well as those who have physical restrictions that prevent them from high impact exercise. This high energy cardio-based jump board class is pure heart pumping fun! Guaranteed to bring on a sweat, this class will keep you in your target heart rate zone. Great for athletes or those craving low impact cardio!

Chair Pilates Class

The Pilates chair, also referred to as the Wunda chair, was created to increase resistance to Pilates workout routines. The chair ultimately offers improved strength and balance in a short amount of time. Chair exercises create a faster heart rate during the workout, which means a larger amount of calories burned.

Burn at the Barre Pilates Class

By combining the two forms of fitness, Pilates and Barre “Burn at the Barre” offers a perfect workout system that’s fun, energetic, intense, and suitable to any fitness level. This lively Pilates Reformer based workout combines the body sculpting system used in ballet physique classes while including key Pilates concepts and equipment.

Arms & Abs Pilates Class

Look good in your tank tops! This workout will focus on toning the upper back, arms and abs. Incorporating weighted balls, thera-bands and other Pilates props to achieve amazing upper body muscle definition. *(Those with shoulder injuries: speak to an instructor before signing up.)

The Evening Extinguisher

End the day by relieving your stress in this 60-minute Pilates mat with props class. The first 30 minutes will focus on hefty core strengthening followed by 30 minutes of myofascial release and relaxing stretches. You’ll leave feeling like you got a great workout and also relaxed and ready for bed!

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